Professor Tan Xiaodi's English Monograph Published by Wiley


Recently, the English monograph Collinear Holography: Devices, Materials, Data Storage, co-edited by Professor Tan Xiaodi and Associate Professor Lin Xiao of College of Photonic and Electronic Engineering of FNU, and two Japanese scholars, was published by Wiley (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).

The monograph presents the achievements of Professor Tan Xiaodi and other people in the research on collinear holographic storage technology in the past over ten years, covering the principles of collinear holography, its numerical simulation, related devices, system setups, recording materials and related applications. The nine-chapter volume explains the history of holographic data storage and its present problems in the era of the Big Data, describes the system of collinear holography, its theories as well as the key devices, components and materials of collinear holographic data storage, details the data encryption formats for storage, and read/write characteristics of collinear holographic data storage system such as shift selectivity multiplexing, explores the system margin, and finally introduces other related applications of collinear holography. The book is a very valuable reference book in the fields of information optics and photonics, especially in the field of optical information storage.

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(Translated by Liu Wenjin/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan