A Monkeypox Virus Test Kit by School of Life Sciences Received EU CE


The Monkeypox virus fluorescent PCR test kit (fluorescent probe method) was developed by School of Life Sciences in Fujian Normal University, in collaboration with Fujian Baimeng Medical Technology Co. , Ltd., and received EU CE certification.

Since January 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been receiving confirmed monkeypox cases from laboratories in some countries and regions. As of 31st August, there were 50,496 confirmed monkeypox cases worldwide. The team of Prof. Ouyang Songying, in collaboration with Fujian Baimeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd, developed a fluorescent PCR test for monkeypox virus (fluorescent probe method) immediately. It has passed the EU CE certification, obtained the CE registration certificate, and got the qualification of sales in EU countries and other countries that recognize the EU CE certification.

The Monkeypox Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit, which may accurately identify the monkeypox virus and aid in the diagnosis, prevention, and control of related disorders, is described in the introduction as detecting particular gene segments of the monkeypox virus by real-time fluorescence PCR. It offers the benefits of high sensitivity and strong specificity, allowing quick detection of low viral quantities in samples, and is compatible with both fluorescence PCR and POCT technologies. Nucleic acid detection through monkeypox virus offers a molecular diagnostic foundation for monkeypox virus infection and permits early and quick identification of people who may be infected. It is reported that Professor Ouyang Song Ying's team are applying for one more monkeypox virus vaccine.

(Center for the Development of Industry-Education Integration, School of Life Sciences )

(Translated by Chen Wenjia/ Reviewed by Chen Fang)